Guidance for applicants requesting funding for individuals

or Groups in East Devon Scouts

From time to time, the East Devon Scout District Executive receives requests from individuals or Groups for help with funding. This may be funding for Group, District, Regional, National and International Events.  The Executive will consider applications which meet the following criteria.

The criteria below does not form an extensive list but provides guidance on what individuals and Groups may apply to the District Executive for and how to do this:



  • Any funding will be awarded at the discretion of the East Devon Scout District Executive and may be in part of or whole for a particular project or event


  • Funding will only be considered for Scout related events and applications must demonstrate a benefit to Scouting in East Devon


  • Agreement must be sought before expenditure is incurred as District will not reimburse retrospectively. Applications should be received in good time, and not less than six weeks before the event to give the Executive the chance to discuss the matter properly. In the event that the exact cost is not known the Executive should be made aware of the possibility of a funding request with as much detail as possible and a rough idea of cost, to be followed by the more detailed information as it becomes available.


  • Consideration for funding will be given for events run for or on behalf of the District e.g. District Camps, transport in connection with District Events or where an individual or Group represents the District at an event e.g. competitions, national events


  • A contribution will be made to the cost of an individual’s World Jamboree costs although the amount will necessarily depend upon the financial resources available and the numbers attending


  • Training costs for the leaders of Groups are the responsibility of the Group, but the cost of specialist training which will be to the benefit of part of or the whole District will be considered e.g. specialist instructor training – Moorland Certificates and Moorland First Aid


  • Any funding request must be itemised with a comprehensive breakdown of the costs. After the event receipts must be provided to the Executive along with the final financial information.


  • Any individual or group in receipt of District support is required to provide a report after the event to demonstrate how the funding was used and the benefits received. Any funding not used is to be returned to the Executive as quickly as possible after the event

The Executive will try to help if the request falls within the Funding Criteria and your responses will help decide if best use is being made of limited resources bearing in mind other commitments.  The Executive does, however, retain full discretion over the disposal of funds.