Funding Application

East Devon District Scouts – Application for Funding


To be completed by a Group Scout /Explorer/Cub/Beaver Leader


Applicants Name :                                                                                                       Date :


Telephone Number :


Email Address :


Scout Group :                                                                                 Membership Number :


Bank Account Details:   (for payment of any agreed funding)


Account Name :                                                

(Personal / Group / Section Account)


 Account No :                                                   Sort Code :      


The Event                                                                                       Date(s) of event :


Event name for which funding is requested :



Venue :


Sections involved :                       Beavers / Cubs / Scouts / Explorers / Others


Anticipated numbers :                         /             /                /                     /


Total cost of Event :                             £


Contribution sought / to be sought

Per person from those attending :        £


How much total funding is requested :       £



Reason(s) for making application :




Does the Event fall within the District’s Funding Criteria ?            Yes / No



How will funding be used ?

ie Transport,   Event entry,   Deposit,   Equipment. 









What will be the benefits to those taking part ?









What will be the benefits to the Group / District ?








Details of other avenues of finance explored :







How much has been raised / promised ?





(Not required if application is being made in respect of a District Event)


Please give details of the Group’s cash balances :

Bank Account (s)

Other Deposits


Have the Group’s latest Annual Receipts and Payments details been sent to the District Treasurer?               Yes / No



Signed :


GSL/Explorer/|Scout/Cub/Beaver Leader