Active Support

Okay so you would like to help Scouting in some way but you can only spare a few days a year – then this may be the way!

Most Scout Districts try to have ‘Scout Active Support teams’. Some local Scout Groups have them, but the District team are involved in supporting all of the 10 Groups in East Devon District, as required, maybe three or four times a year.

In 2018 we already know we will be helping at a District Camp, a District Leaders’ Weekend and helping our groups who wish to attend Woodlands 27. No experience is needed for you to join in, you already have all the skills necessary to help our Leaders to put in place an exciting programme – but if you wish, you can develop new skills, and have some fun at the same time.   Want to know more, then read on .


Flexible volunteering opportunities within East Devon Scout District

You don’t need to wear a uniform or be a leader to support Scouting in East Devon. We offer a wide variety of flexible volunteering opportunities, from supporting fundraising events with our local Groups, help with activities such as Shooting, DofE programme and Ten Tors or with support to our local District Camp site.

Introduction – What is Scout Active Support all about?

Scout Active Support is a way for adults to volunteer some time to Scouting in a flexible way that suits them. Scout Active Support is a resource for Mangers of local Scouting (Group, activity or as a District) to use in whichever way is required. At present in East Devon, we do not have any Scout Active Support units as yet, but are hoping to get a band of brothers (or sisters) together to get things going.

The ways Scout Active Support can help Scouting are almost endless. Below are some examples:

  • Helping support section leaders on camps or activity days out
  • Refreshments at a weekend training session
  • Helping to run an annual group fete, carol service or fund raising event for the group.
  • Support occasionally at a section meeting assisting the leader with games and activities.
  • Act as a Quartermaster or maintenance group for your Scout headquarters.
  • Help with promotional marketing, PR/ Media, accounting or professional support

Within our District Camp site: Caddihoe Camp Site

  • Support as part of the bookings, management or conservation / forestry team within the camp site.
  • Support District activities and events run at the camp site
  • Help with the development of the site or supporting with grant applications or accounts
  • Help with the on-going marketing and computer support infrastructure of the site


Within our District Explorer Units

  • Support with the on-going provision of group / unit programme support (skills or personnel)
  • Support with running or assisting Group, District and County events, camps and activities (i.e. shooting, sailing, chess and draughts, hiking, archery and camping)
  • Support Group, District and County training courses, fundraising events, activity days and events
  • Support with the delivery of social activities for the Active Support Unit


As part of our Activities Unit:

  • Help run the DofE provision within East Devon Scouting (Expedition and programme content)
  • Help run and support the Ten Tor programme
  • Help run and support our adventurous activities, clubs and events such as the District kayaking provision, sailing, shooting, archery, climbing, caving, rafting and general scouting skills
  • Support District and group activities, camps and events (from the perceptive of activities).

Who can join: The Scout Active Support welcomes all men and women over the age 18yrs. There is no requirement to have been in Scouting or Guiding before joining. All that is required is a willingness to volunteer some time to supporting Scouting.

Member Subscription: There is no annual membership (Membership is free). All members will have their own national membership and insurance cover from the Scout Association.

Uniform: The unit member’s uniform for the scout active support is the same as the leader uniform but is optional. However each Active Support Unit may provide their own opportunity to wear a polo shirt / Hoodie option with the group/ unit neckerchief or the National Scout Active Support Neckerchief.

Training need: All members are simply required to complete the module 1 (Children Protection Module) of the Scout Association leadership training. Any other training is optional.

Paperwork / DBS (formerly CRB): All members are required to complete a Scout Association DBS form.

Whether you have an hour a week or you can support only once a year on a summer camp cooking the breakfast for a Scout unit, we have a role for you within one of our many Active Support Units. Using your skills, knowledge and passion in a flexible way (even just an hour a term) will help us grow, develop and sustain our young people’s Scouting programme for years to come.

And remember, Scouting is not just all about the young people. Through the Active Support Units, you are a member of the Scout Association in your own right and can access the world of Scouting. This can be either through additional leader and instructor skills training, accessing local, national and international camps yourself as a member, taking part in adventurous activities and challenges or coming along to one of our many Active Support social events and evenings – it is a great way to meet new people.. why let the kids have all the fun ?

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