Digital Citizen

The Digital Citizen and Digital Maker Staged Activity Badges involve performing some tasks online, as well as finding out about topics, such as social networking and how digital technology works and can be used to enhance our lives. Before young people take part in these activities, they should be aware of the benefits and the risks to being online. Be sure they are aware of the safety rules first. Check that they understand that staying safe involves:

  1. understanding that staying safe online is similar to staying safe in the real world
  2. using passwords to protect their computer and email accounts
  3. using trusted software and not downloading programmes they are not sure about
  4. having some form of anti-virus software
  5. recognising that they should ask an adult they trust before they visit a particular website,
  6. understanding that private information should not be given to anyone online without the permission of a trusted adult

Resources have been developed to support with delivering the digital skills badges.

You can also read the badge support blog (here)

and guidance for Leaders (here) and a jargon buster (here)